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University of Toronto Capital Markets Society (UTCMS) is University of Toronto's only undergraduate finance group that teaches financial modeling at basic and advanced level.


We aim to equip all students with the skills, knowledge and networking resources to excel at first-year financial analyst or associate function in investment bankingprivate equity or hedge fund.


Welcome to UTCMS

 To make University of Toronto the No.1 finance community in Canada.



UTCMS offer two levels of workshops for students with different backgrounds. Take a look at our program in 2018!

Involvement Opportunities​
General workshops, seminars and speaker events are all great ways to get involved.
Trainee Program
UTCMS recruits those that are dedicated and eager to become more involved with the club.
Capital Markets Explained
 A glimpse of what Capital Markets is all about.
Our past and current UTCMS executives have successfully started off their careers with the following firms:
and more . . .
UTCMS is a community of aspiring young finance professionals